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How do ageing and dominance changes affect the acoustic structure of fallow buck groans? [abstract] Briefer, E, Vannoni, E & McEligott, A G 2012 1 28-29
Bio-acoustic analyses to assess emotion in animals: acoustic patters are linked to behavioural, cardiac and hormonal responses of ewes to the separation from their lambs [abstract] Frédéric Sèbe, Pascal Poindron, Stéphane Andanson, Hervé Chandeze, Eric Delval, Gérard Després, Gilles Toporenko, Sam Bickell Dominique Blache & Alain Boissy 2012 1 54
The goitred gazelle: sex-specific vocal development and permanently descended and mobile larynx in ungulate species [abstract] Volodina, E, Volodin, I ; Frey, R, Efremova, K, Makarov, I, Gorbunov, K & Soldatova, N 2012 1 59-60
The vocal repertoire in northern White Rhinoceros Ceratotherium simum cottoni as recorded in the last surviving herd R. Policht, K. Tomášová, D. Holecková, D. Frynta 2008 1 69-96
Nasal and oral calls in mother and young trunk-nosed saiga antelopes, Saiga tatarica Ilya A. Volodin, Olga V. Sibiryakova, Lyudmila E. Kokshunova, Roland Frey, Elena V. Volodina 2014 2 79-98
Physical characteristics of the vocalizations of domestic goat does Capra hircus in response to their offspring's cries Ruiz-Miranda, C.R., Szymanski, M.D. & Ingals, J.W. 1993 1-2 99-116
A sound analysis system based on LabVIEW applied to the analysis of suckling grunts of domestic pigs Sus scrofa P.-C. Schon, B. Puppe & G. Manteuffel 1998 2 119-133
Camel whistling vocalisations: male and female call structure and context in Camelus bactrianus and Camelus dromedarius Ilya A. Volodin, Elena V. Volodina & Marina V. Rutovskaya 2022 2 132-147
Vocal behaviour in the endangered Corsican Deer, description and phylogenetic implications N. Kidjo, B. Cargnelutti, B. D. Charlton, C. Wilson & D. Reby 2008 2 159-181
Rut calls as vocal communication of male alpine chamois Rupricapra rupicapra (L. 1758), during the mating season [abstract] Monica Giametta 2002 2 193-194
Bull bellows and bugles: a remarkable convergence of low and high-frequency vocalizations between male domestic cattle Bos taurus and the rutting calls of Siberian and North American wapiti Ilya A. Volodin, Elena V. Volodina & Roland Frey 2017 3 271-284
Characteristics of the vocalisations of Red Deer Cervus elaphus hinds and calves D. Vanková & J. Málek 1997 4 281-289
How and when do lambs recognize the bleats of their mothers? Frédéric Sèbe, Thierry Aubin, Raymond Nowak, Olivier Sèbe, Gaëlle Perrin, Pascal Poindron 2011 3 341-356
Amplitude modulation is a major marker of lamb bleats’ individual signature Frédéric Sèbe, Pascal Poindron, Séverine Ligout, Olivier Sèbe & Thierry Aubin 2018 4 359-375
Discriminative power of acoustic features for jaw movement classification in cattle and sheep Julio R. Galli, Diego H. Milone, Carlos A. Cangiano, César E. Martínez, Emilio A. Laca, José O. Chelotti & H. Leonardo Rufiner 2020 5 602-616