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Automated bat call classification using deep convolutional neural networks E. Schwab, S. Pogrebnoj, M. Freund, F. Flossmann, S. Vogl & K.-H. Frommolt 2023 1 1-16
Listening in the dark: acoustics indices reveal bat species diversity in a tropical savannah Claysson de Aguiar Silva, Ricardo B. Machado, Mauricio Silveira & Ludmilla M. S. Aguiar 2023 1 17-32
Spatial variation of vocalising dugongs around Talibong Island, Thailand Kotaro Tanaka, Kotaro Ichikawa, Kongkiat Kittiwattanawong, Nobuaki Arai & Hiromichi Mitamura 2023 1 33-47
The katydid country: bioacoustics and ecology of tettigoniid communities from the Indian subcontinent Chandranshu Tiwari & Swati Diwakar 2023 1 48-72
Two of the most common crustacean zooplankton Meganyctiphanes norvegica and Calanus spp produce sounds within the hearing range of their fish predators Saskia Kühn, Anne Christine Utne-Palm & Karen de Jong 2023 1 77-89
Effects of anthropogenic noise on anuran amphibians Valentina Zaffaroni-Caorsi, Camila Both, Rafael Márquez, Diego Llusia, Peter Narins, Marina Debon & Márcio Borges-Martins 2023 1 90-120
Local competitive environment and male condition influence within-bout calling patterns in túngara frogs Luke C. Larter, Ximena E. Bernal, Rachel A. Page & Michael J. Ryan 2023 2 121-142
Tic, Tii and Trii calls: advertisement call descriptions for eight glass frogs from Colombia, and analysis of the structure of auditory signals in Centrolenidae Sebastián Duarte-Marín, Marco Rada, Mauricio Rivera-Correa, Valentina Caorsi, Eliana Barona, Gustavo González-Durán & Fernando Vargas-Salinas 2023 2 143-180
Effects of noise on acoustic and visual signalling in the Croaking Gourami: differences in adaptation strategies in fish Isabelle Pia Maiditsch & Friedrich Ladich 2023 2 181-198
Analysis of Mouse Vocal Communication (AMVOC): A deep, unsupervised method for rapid detection, analysis, and classification of ultrasonic vocalizations Vasiliki Stoumpou, César D. M. Vargas, Peter F. Schade, J. Lomax Boyd, Theodoros Giannakopoulos & Erich D. Jarvis 2023 2 199-229
Sex differences in frequencies in a species with modest sexual size dimorphism Gal Frydman, Yael Goll, Eli Geffen & Lee Koren 2023 2 230-240
Non-linear phenomena: a common acoustic feature of bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) signature whistles Jessica J. Sportelli, Brittany L. Jones & Sam H. Ridgway 2023 3 241-260
In-air acoustic repertoire and associated behaviour of wild juvenile crabeater seals during rehabilitation Fannie W. Shabangu, G. J. Greg Hofmeyr, Rachel Probert, Maëlle Connan, Corrine A. Buhrmann & Tess Gridley 2023 3 261-283
Hurry up and sing: early onset of diel calling behaviour and ecological drivers of calling behaviour of Acanthoplus discoidalis Aileen C. van der Mescht, Chanel Lewis, Runè van der Merwe & Daryl Codron 2023 3 284-300
Singing in a noisy ocean: vocal plasticity in male humpback whales E. Girola, R. A. Dunlop & M. J. Noad 2023 3 301-324
Seasonal song ontogeny in western north Atlantic humpback whales: drawing parallels with songbirds Katie Kowarski, Salvatore Cerchio, Hal Whitehead, Danielle Cholewiak & Hilary Moors-Murphy 2023 3 325-347
Caterpillar sonic defences: Mechanisms and diversity of mandible stridulation in silk and hawk moth (Bombycoidea) larvae Melanie L. Low, Veronica L. Bura & Jayne E. Yack 2023 3 348-372
Temporal partitioning of Bullacris unicolor (Orthoptera: Pneumoridae) calling activity to avoid predation Robyn Manuel, Tarné Johannes, Rekha Sathyan & Vanessa Cathrine Kemsley Couldridge 2023 4 373-386
Hard of hearing: the effect of distance and experimental noise on mountain chickadee song transmission C. L. Snell, M. W. Reudink & K. A. Otter 2023 4 387-403
A study on the bioacoustics of Oriental scaly crickets (Orthoptera: Mogoplistinae), with a focus on Singaporean species Ming Kai Tan, Zhu-Qing He & Sigfrid Ingrisch 2023 4 404-421
Acoustic plasticity in Boana goiana (Lutz, 1968) (Anura, Hylidae): how males respond to successive interactions with conspecific competitors Tainã Lucas Andreani, Rogério Pereira Bastos, Mariana Nascimento Siqueira, Werther Pereira Ramalho & Alessandro Ribeiro de Morais 2023 4 422-433
Breeding phenology and behaviour of the Endangered Hewitt’s ghost frog Heleophryne hewitti in the Baviaanskloof World Heritage Site, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa Brian Reeves & Werner Conradie 2023 4 434-452
Automated Cataloguing of American silver perch (Bairdiella chrysoura) calls using machine learning DelWayne R. Bohnenstiehl 2023 4 453-473
Past, present, and future of a tropical sounds collection from Colombia Angela M. Mendoza-Henao, Orlando Acevedo-Charry, Daniela Martínez-Medina, Eliana Barona-Cortés, Sergio Córdoba-Córdoba, Paula Caycedo-Rosales, Juan Sebastián Ulloa, Kevin G. Borja-Acosta, Alexandra Buitrago-Cardona & Hoover Pantoja-Sánchez 2023 4 474-490
How do tree density and body size influence acoustic signals in Amazonian nurse frogs? Marina Vieira da Rosa, Miquéias Ferrão, Pedro Aurélio Costa Lima Pequeno & Albertina Pimentel Lima 2023 5 491-505
Passive Acoustic Monitoring in terrestrial vertebrates: a review Sebastian Hoefer, Donald T. McKnight, Slade Allen-Ankins, Eric J. Nordberg & Lin Schwarzkopf 2023 5 506-531
Passive acoustic surveys and the BirdNET algorithm reveal detailed spatiotemporal variation in the vocal activity of two Anurans Connor M. Wood, Stefan Kahl, Stephanie Barnes, Rachel Van Horne & Cathy Brown 2023 5 532-543
Wind farms noise and anuran diversity patterns: a study case at the Brazilian seasonal dry tropical forest Rogério Ferreira de Oliveira, André Felipe de Araujo Lira, Valentina Zaffaroni-Caorsi & Geraldo Jorge Barbosa de Moura 2023 5 544-555
Women misjudge men's physical characteristics based on vocal cues Lukasz Piotr Pawelec, Katarzyna Graja, Anna Lipowicz & Jagoda Marchewczyk 2023 5 556-579
Evidence of signature whistles produced by Indian Ocean bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops aduncus) in Mozambique. Rachel Probert, Angie Gullan, Diana Rocha, Sasha Dines & Tess Gridley 2023 5 580-600
What do we know about advertisement calls of Mexican anurans? A bibliographic review Samantha Ordóñez-Flores, Atziri Alicia Ibarra-Reyes & Leticia M. Ochoa-Ochoa 2023 6 601-621
Chasing the bird: 3D acoustic tracking of aerial flight displays with a minimal planar microphone array Guillaume Dutilleux, Brett K. Sandercock & John Atle Kålås 2023 6 622-641
The functions and evolution of graded complex calls in a treefrog Bicheng Zhu, Xiaomeng Zhao, Haodi Zhang, Jichao Wang & Jianguo Cui 2023 6 642-659
Evaluating factors affecting species detection using passive acoustic monitoring in neotropical forests: a playback experiment Anja Hutschenreiter, J. Roberto Sosa-López, Fernando González-García & Filippo Aureli 2023 6 660-678
Threat Vocalisations are acoustically similar between humans (Homo sapiens) and chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) Roza G. Kamiloglu, Cantay Çaliskan, Katie E. Slocombe & Disa A. Sauter 2023 6 679-692
Sound production in sea turtle nests and hatchlings (Eretmochelys imbricata and Caretta caretta) in Northeast Brazil Safira Núbia Dias de Melo, Matheus Felipe de Souza Dias da Silva, Paulo Jorge Parreira dos Santos, Vívian Chimendes da Silva Neves & Bruna Martins Bezerra 2023 6 693-707
The sound of hope: searching for critically endangered species using acoustic template matching C.B. De Araújo, J.P. Zurano, I.M.D. Torres, C.R.M.A. Simões, G.L.M. Rosa, A.G. Aguiar, W. Nogueira, H.A.L.S. Vilela, G. Magnago, B.T. Phalan & G.A. Zurita 2023 6 708-723