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Vocal stress associated with a translocation of a family herd of African elephants (Loxodonta africana) in the Kruger National Park, South Africa JJ Viljoen, A Ganswindt, C Reynecke, AS Stoeger, WR Langbauer Jr 2015 1 1-12
Towards an Automated Acoustic Detection System for Free-ranging Elephants Matthias Zeppelzauer, Sean Hensman, Angela S. Stoeger 2015 1 13-29
Neither convergence nor divergence in the advertisement call of sympatric congeneric Neotropical treefrogs Luís Felipe Toledo, Diego Llusia, Conrado A. Vieira, Milena Corbo, Rafael Márquez 2015 1 31-47
Acoustic prey and a listening predator: interaction between calling katydids and the bat-eared fox Paul B.C. Grant, Michael J. Samways 2015 1 49-61
Acoustic profiling in a complexly social species, the American crow: caws encode information on caller sex, identity and behavioural context Exu Anton Mates, Robin R. Tarter, James C. Ha, Anne B. Clark & Kevin J. McGowan 2015 1 63-80
Low-cost acoustic design of a bat test room R. Correia, C. Faneca, D. Albuquerque, J. Vieira, C. Bastos, C. Fonseca & M.J. Ramos Pereira 2015 1 81-87
Patterns of daily and seasonal calling activity of a direct-developing frog of the subtropical Andean forests of Argentina M.S. Akmentins, L.C. Pereyra, E.A. Sanabria & M. Vaira 2015 2 89-99
Detection rates of wild harbour porpoises and bottlenose dolphins using static acoustic click loggers vary with depth Marta Sostres Alonso & Hanna K. Nuuttila 2015 2 101-110
Comparison of autonomous and manual recording methods for discrimination of individually distinctive Ovenbird songs M. Ehnes & J.R. Foote 2015 2 111-121
Bioacoustics of the Neotropical Eneopterinae (Orthoptera, Grylloidea, Gryllidae) Tony Robillard, Hannah ter Hofstede, Jérôme Orivel, Natállia M. Vicente 2015 2 123-143
Song structure of the Golden billed saltator (Saltator aurantiirostris) in the middle Parana river floodplain Evelina J. Leon, Adolfo H. Beltzer, Pamela F. Olguin César F. Reales, Griselda V. Urich, Viviana Alessio, Cecilia G. Cacciabué, Martin A. Quiroga 2015 2 145-152
The acoustic repertoire of wild common bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) in Walvis Bay, Namibia Gridley, T, Nastasi, A, Kriesell, H. J. and Elwen, S. H. 2015 2 153-174
Unravelling the calls of discrete hunters: acoustic structure of echolocation calls of furipterid bats (Chiroptera, Furipteridae) Fábio Falcão, Joaquín A. Ugarte-Núñez, Deborah Faria, Christini B. Caselli 2015 2 175-183
An Evaluation of Manual and Automated Methods for Detecting Sounds of Maned Wolves (Chrysocyon brachyurus Illiger 1815) Silva Rocha, Luciana; Stamatto Ferreira, L; Paula, B; Guimarães Rodrigues, F; de Sousa Lima Mobley, R 2015 2 185-198
Obituary: Ron Kettle (1923– 2014) Ranft, R 2015 2 199-200
Synthetic communication signals influence wild harbour porpoise (Phocoena phocoena) behaviour Culik, Boris; von Dorrien, Christian; Müller, Vailett; Conrad, Matthias 2015 3 201-221
Biphonic calls as signature whistles in a free-ranging bottlenose dolphin Elena Papale, Gaspare Buffa, Francesco Filiciotto, Vincenzo Maccarrone, Salvatore Mazzola, Maria Ceraulo, Cristina Giacoma & Giuseppa Buscaino 2015 3 223-231
Relative effects of ambient noise and habitat openness on signal transfer for chickadee vocalizations in rural and urban green-spaces Stefanie E. LaZerte, Ken A. Otter & Hans Slabbekoorn 2015 3 233-252
Vocal complexity in the palm cockatoo (Probosciger aterrimus) Zdenek, CN, Heinsohn, R, Langmore, NE 2015 3 253-267
Spatial and temporal variation of bird dawn chorus and successive acoustic morning activity in a Mediterranean landscape Almo Farina, Maria Ceraulo, Christopher Bobryk, Nadia Pieretti, Enza Quinci, Emanuele Lattanzi 2015 3 269-288
Transmission characteristics of solo songs and duets in a neotropical thicket habitat specialist bird Luis Sandoval, Torben Dabelsteen, and Daniel J. Mennill 2015 3 289-306
Book review: Marine Mammal Observer and Passive Acoustic Monitoring Handbook S.L. King 2015 3 307-309