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Vocalisations of a North American subterranean rodent Geomys breviceps M.S. DeVries & R.S. Sikes 2008 1 1-15
The evolution of cicada songs contrasted with the relationships inferred from mitochondrial DNA (Insecta, Hemiptera) P. J. Fonseca, E. A. Serrão, F. Pina-Martins, P. Silva, S. Mira, J. A. Quartau, O. S. Paulo & L. Cancela 2008 1 17-34
The call of the Sri Lankan golden gecko Calodactylodes illingworthorum, ecological parallel of the fan-toed geckos, genus Ptyodactylus (Reptilia: Sauria: Gekkonidae) Yehudah L. Werner, Evgeny Chernis & Roni Granot 2008 1 35-49
Call-independent individual identification in birds E. J.S. Fox, J. D. Roberts & M. Bennamoun 2008 1 51-67
The vocal repertoire in northern White Rhinoceros Ceratotherium simum cottoni as recorded in the last surviving herd R. Policht, K. Tomášová, D. Holecková, D. Frynta 2008 1 69-96
CD review: Guia Sonora De Los Anfibios De Cuba. Roberto Alonso, Ariel Rodriguez & Rafael Márquez M.A. Bee 2008 1 97-98
To Bark or Not To Bark? Vocalization in Red Foxes Selected for Tameness or Aggressiveness Toward Humans S. S. Gogoleva, I. A. Volodin, E. V. Volodina, L. N. Trut 2008 2 99-132
Iberian azure-winged magpie Cyanopica (cyana) cooki nestlings begging calls: call characterization and hunger signalling Paulo A. M. Marques, Luís Vicente & Rafael Márquez 2008 2 133-149
Sound Production in the Territorial Behaviour of the Churchill Petrocephalus catostoma (Mormyridae, Teleostei) from the Upper Zambezi River M. Lamml and B. Kramer 2008 2 151-158
Vocal behaviour in the endangered Corsican Deer, description and phylogenetic implications N. Kidjo, B. Cargnelutti, B. D. Charlton, C. Wilson & D. Reby 2008 2 159-181
Spectrogram Analysis of Animal Sound Production C. P. H. Elemans, K. Heeck & M. Muller 2008 2 183-212
Equipment Review: Seewave, a free modular tool for sound analysis and synthesis Jérôme Sueur, Thierry Aubin & Caroline Simonis 2008 2 213-226
Infant African Elephant Rumble Vocalizations Vary According to Social Interactions with Adult Females Christina M. Wesolek, Joseph Soltis, Katherine A. Leighty and Anne Savage 2009 3 227-239
Vocalization of the silvery mole-rat: comparison of vocal repertoires in subterranean rodents with different social systems Ema Knotková, Silke Veitl, Radim Šumbera, František Sedlácek & Hynek Burda 2009 3 241-257
Individual variation of the Female Attraction Call produced by Australian fur seal pups throughout the maternal dependence period J.S. Tripovich, R. Canfield, T. L. Rogers & J.P.Y. Arnould 2009 3 259-276
The Technique of Noninvasive Distant Sexing for Four Monomorphic Dendrocygna Whistling Duck Species by Their Loud Whistles Ilya Volodin, Martin Kaiser, Vera Matrosova, Elena Volodina, Anna Klenova, Olga Filatova & Marina Kholodova 2009 3 277-290
Recent bioacoustic publications (2008 and earlier). Part 1: Invertebrates to Reptiles Hansen, P. 2009 3 291-318
Equipment Review: Point-and-Shoot Audio Recorders W. Haven & R. Ranft 2009 3 319-328