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Acoustic differentiation in the coo-vocalisations of the Collared Dove M. Ballintijn & C. ten Cate 1999 1 1-17
Species-specific sounds in water bugs of the genus Micronecta. Part 2, Chorusing I.M. King 1999 1 19-29
The function of song forms in the Lesser Whitethroat Sylvia curruca I. Klit 1999 1 31-45
A review of frequency and time parameters of cetacean tonal calls J.N. Mathews, L.E. Rendall, J.C.D. Gordon & D.W. Macdonald 1999 1 47-71
Recent Bioacoustical Publications (1997 and earlier). Part II: Mammals-General Hansen, P. 1999 1 73-95
CD review: Le Monde des Singes, vol. 2 by J-P Gautier and C Bouchain C. Snowdon 1999 1 97-98
Individuality in "Yodel" calls recorded from a banded population of Common Loons, Gavia immer C. Walcott, D. Evers, M. Froehler & A. Krakauer 1999 2-3 101-114
Acoustic communication and mating behaviour in water bugs of the genus Micronecta I.M. King 1999 2-3 115-130
The vocal change of a kitten with craniocerebellar trauma - a case study T. Riede & A. Stolle-Malorn 1999 2-3 131-141
Delimiting spawning areas of weakfish, Cynoscion regalis (family Sciaenidae), in Pamlico Sound, North Carolina using passive hydroacoustic surveys J.J. Luczkovich, M.W. Sprague, S.E. Johnson & R.C. Pullinger 1999 2-3 143-160
The vocal repertoire of the Grey crowned crane Balearica regulorum gibbericeps. 1. The tonal and the non-harmonic calls C. Budde 1999 2-3 161-173
Advertisement calls of the tree frogs, Hyla arborea and Hyla savignyi (Anura: Hylidae) in Turkey U. Kaya & A.M. Simmons 1999 2-3 175-190
The vocal repertoire of the Grey crowned crane Balearica regulorum gibbericeps. II. The unison call of the crowned crane C. Budde 1999 2-3 191-201
A preliminary report on the acoustic communication in Uruguayan Ctenomys (Rodentia, Octodontidae): basic sound types G. Francescoli 1999 2-3 203-218
Sidebands - Facts and Artefacts K.-H. Frommolt 1999 2-3 219-224
Book review: Principles of Animal Communication by J.W. Bradbury & S.L. Vehrencamp S. Semple 1999 2-3 227-228
Book review: Animal Acoustic Communication by S.L. Hopp, M.J. Owren & C.S. Evans O. Larsen 1999 2-3 228-230
Acoustic communication distances of a gomphocerine grasshopper F. Lang 2000 4 233-258
Bioacoustics of southern elephant seals. I. Acoustic structure of male aggressive vocalisations S. Sanvito & F. Galimberti 2000 4 259-285
Bioacoustics of southern elephant seals. II. Individual and geographical variation in male aggressive vocalisations S. Sanvito & F. Galimberti 2000 4 287-307
Sound production by the Lusitanian Toadfish Halobatrachus didactylus M.E dos Santos, Teresa Modesto, Ricardo J. Matos, Matthew S. Grober, Rui F. Oliveira, Adelino Canário 2000 4 309-321
Sounds of sex and death in the sea: bottlenose dolphin whistles suppress mating choruses of silver perch J.J. Luczkovich, Hal J. Daniel III, Marcy Hutchinson, Todd Jenkins, Stephen E Johnson, Christopher Pullinger, Mark Sprague 2000 4 323-334
Book review: Animal Vocal Communication by D. H. Owings & E. S. Morton Marc Naguib 2000 4 335-336