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Threat Vocalisations are acoustically similar between humans (Homo sapiens) and chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) Roza G. Kamiloglu, Cantay Çaliskan, Katie E. Slocombe & Disa A. Sauter 2023 6
Evaluating factors affecting species detection using passive acoustic monitoring in neotropical forests: a playback experiment Anja Hutschenreiter, J. Roberto Sosa-López, Fernando González-García & Filippo Aureli 2023 6
The vocal repertoire of the Woolly Monkey Lagothrix lagothricha Casamitjana, J. 2002 1 1-19
A redrawn phylogeny of guenons based upon their calls - biogeographical implications Gautier, J.-P. 1989 1 11-21
The application of auditory playback to stimulate the performance of natural vocalisations in the captive howler monkeys (Alouatta caraya) [abstract] H. Farmer, L. Leaver & A. B. Plowman 2012 1 32-33
Improved measurement algorithms for primate vocal communication research, with application to Lemur catta [abstract] Janzen, R E & Bolt, L M 2012 1 38-39
Vocalizations in Captive Baboons [abstract] Judith Jackson 1992 1 62
Conceptual Issues in Assessing Phylogenetic Relationships in Mammals on the Basis of their Vocalizations [abstract] Gustav Peters 1992 1 66
Acoustic analyses on the vocal development of the human infant during the first year of life [abstract] Regina Wick 1994 1 72
Recent Bioacoustical Publications (1997 and earlier). Part II: Mammals-General Hansen, P. 1999 1 73-95
Regional dialects in birds and humans [abstract] Luis F. Baptista 2002 1 77
CD review: Le Monde des Singes, vol. 2 by J-P Gautier and C Bouchain C. Snowdon 1999 1 97-98
Recent Bioacoustic Publications (2004 and earlier) P. Hansen 2005 1 97-138
Who shall I say is calling? Validation of a caller recognition procedure in Bornean flanged male orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus wurmbii) long calls Brigitte Spillmann, Carel P. van Schaik, Tatang M. Setia & Seyed Omid Sadjadi 2017 2 109-120
A new methodological approach to context analysis of call production A. Lemasson, J-P. Richard & M. Hausberger 2004 2 111-125
Degradation characteristics of golden lion tamarin (Leontopithecus rosalia) two-phrase long calls: implications for call detection and ranging in the evergreen forest. Vera Sabatini, Carlos R. Ruiz-Miranda and Torben Dabelsteen 2011 2 137-158
Recent bioacoustic publications, 1995 and earlier. Part II Non-primate Mammals to General Hansen, P. 1996 2 151-161
Tonal calls, noises and its associations in Eulemur species [abstract] Marco Gamba & Cristina. Giacoma 2002 2 181-182
Voiced and voiceless human infant cries in an evolutionary perspective [abstract] Daniela Lenti Boero, Carlo Lenti and Francesca Rocca 2002 2 182
Application of a semi-automated vocal fingerprinting approach to monitor Bornean gibbon females in an experimentally fragmented landscape in Sabah, Malaysia Dena J. Clink, Margaret C. Crofoot & Andrew J. Marshall 2019 3 193-209
Descriptive analysis and variability in the vocal repertoire of Alouatta palliata mexicana: a field study [abstract] Giovanni Boscarol, Ivonne Falcone, Loredana Martinoli, Raffaella Fiore, Marco Gamba, Ernesto Rodriguez Luna & Cristina Giacoma 2002 2 194-195
Individual differences in the human infant cry in a comparative perspective [abstract] Francesca Rocca, Daniela Lenti Boero & Carlo Lenti 2002 2 195
Ontogeny and variability in the vocal repertoire of Varecia variegata variegata [abstract] Alessandra Cuminale, Marco Gamba & Cristina Giacoma 2002 2 195-196
Stability and change in the vocal signatures of common marmoset mobbing calls Michele M. Mulholland & Nancy G. Caine 2019 3 210-223
Recent bioacoustic publications (2008 and earlier). Part 3: Mammals-General P. Hansen 2010 3 225-264
The perceptual effects of manipulating nonlinear phenomena in synthetic nonverbal vocalizations Andrey Anikin 2020 2 226-247
Recent Bioacoustic Publications (2002 and earlier). Part 2: Mammals - General P. Hansen 2004 3 229-265
Computer-aided analysis of acoustic parameters in animal vocalizations L. Schrader & K. Hamerschmidt 1997 4 247-265
Vocal tract flexibility and variation in the vocal output in wild indris Marco Gamba, Livio Favaro, Valeria Torti, Viviana Sorrentino, Cristina Giacoma 2011 3 251-266
The measurement of vocal amplitude and vocal radiation pattern in blue monkeys and grey-cheeked mangabeys Brown, C.H. 1989 4 253-271
Subharmonics, biphonations and frequency jumps in the vocalisation of Japanese macaques Macaca fuscata [abstract] Tobias Riede and Gunther Tembrock 1997 3-4 256-257
Book review: Primate Vocal Communication Gouzoules, H. 1990 3 257-258
Vocalisations of captive black and white ruffed lemurs Varecia variegata stability and mother-offspring comparison [abstract] Clotilde Trinchero, Cristina Giacoma, Marco Gamba and Maura Ampollini 1997 3-4 258
Physical and functional features of vocalisation in the young of Macaca nemestrina: A preliminary study [abstract] M. M. Rigamonti, E. Prato Previde and M. D. Poli 1997 3-4 271
Airborne vs. radio-transmitted vocalisations in two primates: a technical report Patrice Adret, James S. Cochran & Mauricio Suarez Roda 2018 3 273-294
Recent Bioacoustical Publications, 1999 and earlier. Part II: mammals-general P. Hansen 2001 4 297-334
Communication by falsetto [abstract] G. Tembrock 1996 4 309
The acoustic space of pain: Cries as indicators of distress recovering dynamics in preverbal infants Alexis Koutseff, David Reby, Olivier Martin, Florence Levrero, Hugues Patural & Nicolas Mathevon 2018 4 313-325
Vocalization in Japanese macaque infants Macaca fuscata, individual differences and parameter dynamics [abstract] T. Riede 1996 4 321
Laughter in response to tickling: a comparative approach [abstract] J. Skirl & D. Todt 1996 4 321-322
Recent Bioacoustic Publications (2006 and earlier). Part 2: Mammals - Techniques Hansen, P. 2007 3 329-365
Vocal communication of simulated pain Jordan Raine, Katarzyna Pisanski, Julia Simner & David Reby 2019 5 404-426
Play vocalizations and human laughter: A comparative review Sasha L. Winkler & Gregory A. Bryant 2021 5 499-526
Heterospecific recognition of referential alarm calls in two species of lemur Ben Walton & Arik Kershenbaum 2019 6 592-603
Ingressive phonation conveys arousal in human nonverbal vocalizations Andrey Anikin & David Reby 2022 6 680-695
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