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Introduction: International Conference on the Effects of Noise on Aquatic Life Anthony Hawkins, Arthur N. Popper and Magnus Wahlberg 2008 1-3 1-3
Applying Bioacoustics: What Can Be Learned From Pure and Applied Aspects? Peter K. McGregor 2012 1 13-15
Directional Hearing and Strategies for Sound Communication Axel Michelsen and Ole Næsbye Larsen 2012 1 17-19
The International Bio-acoustics Council Sellar, P. 1988 1 79
Auditory Scene Analysis Richard R. Fay 2008 1-3 106-109
Active Sonar Acoustics David M. Fromm 2008 1-3 113-116
Metrics Charles R. Greene, Jr 2008 1-3 116-118
Lateral Line Reading of Hydromechanical Frequency Dispersal of Water Surface Waves: Homology to Cochlear Mechanisms? Andreas Elepfandt and Klaus Oed 2002 2-3 151-152
Book review: Acoustic Systems in Biology. Sales, G. 1993 1-2 163-164
How do bioacoustics researchers look for information? A study of interdisciplinary information seeking [abstract] Ling Hwey Jeng and Hong Young Yan 2002 2 189
Book review: Principles of Animal Communication by J.W. Bradbury & S.L. Vehrencamp S. Semple 1999 2-3 227-228
Book review: Animal Acoustic Communication by S.L. Hopp, M.J. Owren & C.S. Evans O. Larsen 1999 2-3 228-230
Book review: Music, Gestalt and Computing by M. Leaman A. G. Horn 1998 3 239-241
Book review: Aims and methods in neuroethology Elsner, N. 1988 2-3 249-250
Preliminary Evidence for the Use of Sound to Decrease Losses of Aquatic Organisms at a Power Plant Cooling Water Intake Arthur N. Popper, John Balletto, Kenneth Strait, Fred Winchell, Alan W. Wells and Maureen Vaskis 2002 2-3 306-307
Book review: Animal Talk: Science and the Voices of Nature Seller, T.J. 1994 4 311-312
Bioacoustics and SI-quantities and units [abstract] S. Wahlström 1996 4 311-312
New opportunities in electronic distribution of information on bioacoustics [abstract] M. Manghi, G. Pavan, M. Priano & A. Ghezzi 1996 4 317-318
Book review: Animal Vocal Communication by D. H. Owings & E. S. Morton Marc Naguib 2000 4 335-336
The Discovery of Sound in the Sea Web Site: An Educational Resource Kathleen J. Vigness Raposa, Gail Scowcroft, Christopher Knowlton and Peter F. Worcester 2008 1-3 348-350
Which Qs to choose: questions of quality in Bioacoustics? H. C. Bennet-Clark 1999 4 351-359
Sounding out a continent: Seven decades of bioacoustics research in Africa Frowin K. Becker, Fannie W. Shabangu, Tess Gridley, Heiko U. Wittmer & Stephen Marsland 2022 6 646-667