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Sound analysis and synthesis using an Amiga micro-computer

Richard, J.-P. (1991). Sound analysis and synthesis using an Amiga micro-computer. Bioacoustics, Volume 3 (1): 45 -60



This note presents a program for analysis and synthesis of sounds designed to be used with an Amigo micro-computer. The user is in real-time control of the capture of the signal with reference to both time and amplitude parameters. Subsequently the chosen signal can be edited and analysed. Sonograms can be obtained at three resolutions, both in time and frequency. Measurements of time can be made on the signal, of frequency on the sonogram and of amplitude on sections. Three functions for the extraction of the fundamental are available. A synthetic sound may be obtained, either by modifying the amplitude and frequency modulation of an existing sound, or by creating a new sound by additive synthesis. All the commands can be selected by using a mouse, and the program is user-friendly.