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Opening the BARN, a bioacoustic resource network [abstract] Figueroa, H & Michael, D 2012 1 33
Assessing the effect of sound file compression and background noise on measures of acoustic signal structure Marcelo Araya-Salas, Grace Smith-Vidaurre & Michael Webster 2019 1 57-73
A Cetacean Sound Library Catalogue of the Mediterranean Sea [abstract] J.F. Borsani, G. Pavan, G. Notarbartolo di Sciara 1992 1 60-61
The Animal Sound Archive of the Humboldt University of Berlin [abstract] Karl-Heinz Frommolt . 1994 1 72-73
Using the National Sound Archive wildlife collections in bioacoustic research [abstract] Richard Ranft 1994 1 73
The British Library of Wildlife Sounds (BLOWS) [abstract] R.D. Ranft 1992 1 73
Wildlife Sound Libraries Kettle, R. 1988 1 80-82
The Sounds of Life on Earth [abstract] Tipp, C 2012 1 83-84
A cetacean sound library for the Mediterranean sea. Technical aspects and concerns [abstract] G. Pavan, M. Priano, M. Manghi and C. Fossati 1998 2 162
Bioacoustic recordings at the British Library National Sound Archive: new methods for storage and access [abstract] Richard Ranft 1998 2 162
Major wildlife sound libraries R. Kettle 1989 2 171-176
Preserving and networking natural sound collections [abstract] Richard Ranft 2002 2 189-190
The sea animal noise database system (SANDS) [abstract] N. J. Felgate and L. J. Lloyd 1998 3 215
The Cetacean Sound Library of the Interdisciplinary Center for Bioacoustics and Environmental Research [abstract] M. Priano, G. Pavan, M. Manghi and C. Fossati 1998 3 233
Documentation standards for wildlife sound recordings R. Kettle & J. Vielliard 1991 3 235-238
Comment: The utility of sound archives for readers of Bioacoustics F.H. Harrington 1997 3 241-242
Sounds of Western North Atlantic Fishes - Data Rescue Rodney A. Rountree, Paul J. Perkins, Robert D. Kenney and Kenneth R. Hinga 2002 2-3 242-244
Sound libraries have biodiversity taped [abstract] Richard Ranft 1997 3-4 249-250
Book review: A guide to recorded Australian wildlife sounds - birds Kettle, R. 1988 2-3 250-251
Underwater acoustic recording of cetaceans made by the Italian Navy [abstract] Gianni Pavan, Marco Priano, Michele Manghi, Pamela Nascetti and Andrea Perazzi 1997 3-4 273-274
Research Group News: Borror Laboratory of Bioacoustics (BLB) and the Bioacoustics Research Group at the Ohio State University D.A. Nelson & S.L.L. Gaunt 1997 3-4 281-286
The Archive of Animal Sounds at the Humboldt-University of Berlin K.-H. Frommolt 1996 4 293-296
A sound base for bioacoustic research: the National Sound Archive in London [abstract] R. Ranft 1996 4 305
The Wildlife Section of the British Library National Sound Archive (NSA) R. Ranft 1997 4 315-319
Past, present, and future of a tropical sounds collection from Colombia Angela M. Mendoza-Henao, Orlando Acevedo-Charry, Daniela Martínez-Medina, Eliana Barona-Cortés, Sergio Córdoba-Córdoba, Paula Caycedo-Rosales, Juan Sebastián Ulloa, Kevin G. Borja-Acosta, Alexandra Buitrago-Cardona & Hoover Pantoja-Sánchez 2023 4 474-490
How much are we losing in not depositing anuran sound recordings in scientific collections? Simone Dena, Raoni Rebouças, Guilherme Augusto-Alves, Camila Zornosa-Torres, Mariana Retuci Pontes & Luís Felipe Toledo 2020 5 590-601