Vocalisation of curassows (Cracidae) [abstract]

P. Hansch & D. Wallschlager (1996). Vocalisation of curassows (Cracidae) [abstract]. Bioacoustics, Volume 6 (4): 315

The poster shows vocalisations of four currassow species by sonagraphic analysis.  All sounds were recorded from caged birds in different behavioural situations in the Zoological Gardens of Berlin. The special meaning of the various vocal utterances given by curassows in the wild have not been completely investigated yet. This poster tries to illustrate the territory sounds of the great Crax rubra, razor-billed Crax mitu, northern helmeted Crax pauxi and nocturnal Notocrax urumutum curassows, and the vocalisations of the northern helmeted curassow at the beginning of the pair formation process.