Digital Techniques in Research on Insect Vibrational Songs [abstract]

Matija Gogala (1992). Digital Techniques in Research on Insect Vibrational Songs [abstract]. Bioacoustics, Volume 4 (1): 74 -75

The first successful experiments using computers in the bioacoustic investigations of bugs (Heteroptera) were carried out in our laboratory in 1985-87. We used the Commodore C-64 for the synthesis of artificial songs in which we varied single parameters. Later, we chose the Atari ST in combination with the 16-bit AD/DA converter (G-DATA, Bochum) to gather experience in storage, analysis, display and reproduction of digitized selected segments of the insect songs. These had been originally recorded with analog tape recorders. Now that portable DAT-recorders are affordable, it is possible to record digitally in the field the animal sounds or vibrations with high fidelity. Up to now the only serious limitation has been at the ultrasonic level, but this is of no importance for the vibrational songs of insects. An important feature is also the possibility of transferring these digitized recordings through special DAT interfaces to the hard disks of computers, where the recordings can later be edited, analysed, replayed or transferred back to DAT tape with the use of suitable hard- and software. Of special interest is the possibility of quick worldwide exchange of song files between computers by telecommunication networks.